Manson-Dixon Line, LLC is licensed to conduct investigations in Maryland and Virginia.  Services include:  Witness Statements, Surveillance, and Criminal, Civil, Domestic, Worker’s Compensation, and Personal Injury Investigations.

We have conducted successful defense investigations on state and federal levels from murder and involuntary manslaughter to drug charges.  We provide extensive attorney support and have testified in court numerous times.

We have conducted surveillance investigations for insurance companies and civil defense attorneys in worker’s compensation and personal injury cases.  We provide detailed, professional reports for every surveillance activity.

We have assisted family attorneys in all manners of domestic cases, including marital infidelity, child custody, and asset location.  Our work in these matters is timely and discrete.

Manson-Dixon Line, LLC takes the utmost care in ensuring that evidence collected during every investigation will be effective in a court of law.

VADCJS # 99-172009

MD Agency# 106-5331